List of unreleased/unfinished Doom Mods

da.wad [Screenshot] Date: 2011

I believe this was made as an example map for a skype conversation me and UnholyPimpin had about Doom 2 meets zdoom, I was suggesting to make maps in the same style as doom 2 maps rather than remakes of them. This map was recycled in Global Death ruins of humanity.

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UnnamedJokewad.wad [Screenshot] Date: 2013

This was an idea I had around 2011 or so, it was going to be a jokewad where the modder makes levels for the player to play through, and the modder would do all sorts of things that would piss the player off, eventually you somehow fight the modder himself. Not much to see in this wad, I ended up using parts of this for Project Uber.

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Challenges Ahoy! [Screenshot] Date: 2008

Welcome to poor man’s version of Cyberdreams! Yeah uh… this wad hurts to play and look at.

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Journey to hell [Screenshot] Date: 2008

Now here’s something a little better, it was basically a little collab between me and my brother, I would make the odd levels and he did the even levels. At one point we both just lost interest.

Maps available: map01, map02, map03, map21, and map22.


PRO.wad [Screenshot] Date: 2009

My attempt at making really difficult maps, with the use of zdoom. Some maps would have different rules, like a map that disables infighting.


Inferno.wad [Screenshot] Date: 2010

This one was also designed to be incredibly difficult, but even moreso as it was inspired by sunder. There really isn’t much here though.


Gates To Hell [Screenshot] Date: 2007

This was pretty much my first megawad ever made, one of my first WADs ever made in fact. At the time I recently discovered stuff like hell revealed, scythe 2, and alien vendetta. It’s the most playable archive wad so far.

Gothic Invasion [Screenshot] Date: 2009

My first attempt at making skulltag invasions… with the theme of gothicDM.

Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s about it!

Element Invasion [Screenshot] Date: 2011

More invasion WADs! This was inspired by armageddon invasion so it would have consisted of 10 maps, each having an element theme like fire, ice, earth, etc etc. Rather generic but eh, I always loved the concepts of elements. This requires skulltag or zandronum with skulltag textures


Skulltag textures for zandro:

Cyber Challenge [Screenshot] Date: 2008

More copycat shit from my past self, wheee! This time it’s inspired byCyberdreams. There are some interesting bits here and there, but the rest is just laaaaaaame. (also the name sucks)


atrip.wad [Screenshot] Date: Early 2012

So hey, since we got a beta demo of beyond reality 2 released, how about I show you a much older version of the first beyond reality? This was before I even thought of a name for it.



cyberlabs.wad [Screenshot] Date: 2009, I think.

This one is basically just… laboratories, with cyberspace related things I dunno.



trip.wad [Screenshot] Date: Early 2012

Pretty much the very first version of beyond reality, there’s only 2 maps and both of them are pretty much empty. The style I had in mind was rather different than the beyond reality today, I might actually redo this one some time.



EXPLOSIONS.wad [Screenshot] Date: Late 2012

Shortly after beyond reality and unhinged were released, I started making a gameplay mod but never really got anywhere with it, as the name implies, basically everything was going to explode. The bullet puffs, the deaths of monsters, fuggin’ everything. Not much is here though, but oh well.



“Rage And Chaos” [Screenshot] Date: 2008

I… I don’t know, I really don’t know what I had pictured in my head when I made this, it’s filled to the brim with stuff taken from a bijillion other wads and the level design is halfassed. I used to have a version that had several more levels but my harddrive failed at the time so I only have the 1-level version, oh well.


TehQuest.wad and  TehQuest 2.wad [Screenshot] Date: 2011

So a few years ago, I was introducing a friend of mine to skulltag and doom itself, so I decided that to try making a simple doom and doom2 inspired mod. Didn’t really go anywhere with it though.