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Project Über

Shoot stuff, collect score. Put your reflexes to the test and blast your way through six action-packed levels and get as much score as you can!

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Darsycho and UnholyPimpin decided to make a gameplay mod, what could possibly go wrong?

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Information of monsters, weapons, etc etc can be found here:


A blasphemer mod inspired by the Diablo series.

Mayhem Mansion

In early 2013, I watched a video of an obscure FPS game called “Exploding Lips”, a game that pretty much made no sense and pretty much sucked, yet for some reason I liked it anyways, so I decided to make something inspired by the game.

Mayhem Mansion, you explore a haunted mansion full of giant disembodied lips, TV with legs, angry books, and other things trying to kill you for no reason whatsoever, but don’t worry because you have your trusty weaponry and magic!

The layout and path is similar to Exploding Lips, but with less backtracking and less “How the fuck was I suppose to figure that out?”-ness.

Now with an extended version, adding SIX new levels and a slew of new things to fight!

Information of monsters, weapons, etc etc can be found here:


While driving in the middle of the night, a mysterious figure in the dark wanders into the path of your car, making you turn and crash into a wall, having no way back you begin searching for help, but only for you to find a psychotic infestation…

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Beyond Reality

There is a dimension, a dimension full of nonsense and surrealism. It is a place where crates are out to kill you, and a place where logic jumps off a bridge. A journey into a wondrous land of ludicrosity, your next stop: Beyond Reality! This WAD is playable on zdoom, skulltag, and zandronum, OpenGL is recommended to remove palette issues on some textures.

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