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A standalone horror game using the GZDoom engine.

Dismantled is a Survival horror game inspired by Resident evil & The Suffering games.
You wake up in a mysterious place filled with torture devices and horrifying experiments, you must find a way out of this.


Malevolent Horizon (WIP)

Latest addition of Unholypimpin productions, a voidy wad of voidiness! Currently work in progress, but a 5 map demo is currently available.

More information and download link:


A massive open-world work-in-progress hexen mod by BigProjectAlone. Contains a TON of new and creative worlds and monsters, new classes and lots of places to explore.

Satan’s Covenant Invasion

Pretty much the first +30 level mod unholypimpin (and me) has completed. It’s a zandronum invasion mapset that mostly takes place in many different variants of hell, with a ton of brand new monsters.

Global Death: Ruins of Humanity

A remake of unholypimpin’s first ever mod, with new weapons and monsters, creepy atmosphere similar to that of doom64 and playstation doom, and a neat gimmick where many levels have multiple exits leading to different levels, and you cannot play every single map in one playthrough.

Base of Tribute

A single map wad done as a tribute to the friends and inspirations of Aquarius199.


A 32 map megawad with good ol’ classic gameplay made for Doom 2, by Aquarius199.

Doomworld Thread: