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Stuff by friends

Here’s a collection of neat mods and stuff by friends of mine. Check ’em out.
Note: Not actually released in 1999.


Malevolent Horizon (WIP)

Latest addition of Unholypimpin productions, a voidy wad of voidiness! Currently work in progress, but a 5 map demo is currently available.

More information and download link:


A massive open-world work-in-progress hexen mod by BigProjectAlone. Contains a TON of new and creative worlds and monsters, new classes and lots of places to explore. At the moment, it may be easy to get lost and frustrated, but it’s getting better and better which each update. Also contains lots of tits. Give it a go.

Satan’s Covenant Invasion

Pretty much the first +30 level mod unholypimpin (and me) has completed. It’s a zandronum invasion mapset that mostly takes place in many different variants of hell, with a ton of brand new monsters, and it’s a helluva fun with co-op, my favorite map still up to this day is map17. Have a go at it!

Global Death: Ruins of Humanity

My favorite mod by unholypimpin, it is a remake of unholypimpin’s first ever mod, with new weapons and monsters, creepy atmosphere similar to that of doom64 and playstation doom, and a neat gimmick where many levels have multiple exits leading to different levels, and you cannot play every single map in one playthrough. There has been plans on adding more to it as well. Check it out.

Base of Tribute

A single map wad done as a tribute to the friends and inspirations of Aquarius199, visually nice, fun to play and has lovely music, though pretty rough in difficulty so be on a lookout for them secrets. Give it a whirl.


A 32 map megawad with good ol’ classic gameplay made for Doom 2, by Aquarius199. Balanced rather well, and from my experience it works nicely with gameplay mods, some levels are pretty damn huge too. Try it out.

Doomworld Thread: